Campaign updates from Letty – Oct 22 edition

We are in the home stretch – just 12 days until the polls close on November 3rd. I just finished the last debate at the Chamber of Commerce luncheon this week and will be knocking on doors non-stop up until Election Day. The next 12 days will be the m ost important of the campaign–and I need your help! In the next few days, I’ll be finalizing plans to reach as many voters […]

Need to get educated about who to vote for? Here are a bunch of good resources!

Podcasts: Hyperlocal FCC: a new podcast hosted by Jeff Tornell, a FCC resident – interviews with 7 of the 13 candidates NPR The Takeaway national podcast where Letty was featured among 5 “rookie candidates” Voter guides/Q&As: Q&A with City Council candidates in Oct 22 edition of Falls Church News Press Q&A with School Board candidates in Oct 29 edition of Falls Church News Press League of Women Voter Guide VPIS Q&A for Candidates Debate Videos […]

Important voting information

If you will be out of town on Election Day, absentee voting is available in person or via mail between now and October 31st, at City Hall, weekdays 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Saturdays, October 24 and 31, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. With changes to the law, many people are now eligible for in-person absentee voting. Reasons for voting absentee include: being out of town on Nov 3 for vacation or work, having a spouse or […]

Campaign updates from Letty – Oct 16 edition

We are in the final weeks of this campaign season, with only 18 days until Election Day, November 3rd! I will be sending campaign updates more regularly in this final stretch to keep you updated on issues, how you can help me, and reminders to get out the vote! If you missed any of the debates the past few weeks or have friends and neighbors who are undecided about who to vote […]

Affordability – it is expensive to live here!

During last night’s Community Issues Forum, I had the opportunity to ask myself a question that was not asked. I asked myself, “What is an issue we’re not paying enough attention to?” I believe that issue is AFFORDABILITY. Why does that matter, and what can we do about it? We spend so much time debating over whether to build new development – the data has shown that is not where school growth has come from – we […]

Campaign updates from Letty – Oct 9 edition

Election season is in full swing, with 3 debates and candidate forums and canvassing over 550 houses in the past week. There are only 25 days until Election Day, November 3rd! Lots of good info in this newsletter, including an issue I care deeply about but not widely discussed – affordability – and I spoke about it at last night’s debate. **EARLY/ABSENTEE VOTING is a great option if you think there’s […]

Sierra Club Endorsement

I just received my Sierra Club endorsement. Congrats to Mayor P David Tarter and Councilor Phil Duncan as well for their endorsements. “The Mount Vernon Group of the Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club is pleased to announce the Club’s endorsement of three candidates, David Tarter, Phil Duncan and Letty Hardi, for the upcoming November 3rd election for three seats on the City of Falls Church City Council. Our endorsement process, which includes a questionnaire […]