Updates from Letty – November 23, 2016

With the holiday week, my update is early. We had a productive work session on Monday night, covering a number of important topics (GMHS-MEH campus planning, City Hall renovation, Visioning) so I wanted to be sure to provide you the highlights. I hope the beginning of this holiday season brings you peace and joy. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Best, Letty What Happened This Week: City Council Work Session: (1) Joint […]

Updates from Letty – November 18, 2016

Thank you for all of the positive comments in response to my note last week and the updated version that ran as a letter to the editor in the FCNP yesterday. It was uplifting to hear from so many that you’re also looking for concrete steps to productively respond to the past 10 days. I am ready to pick myself up and practice what I preach. Tomorrow, the boys and I will be delivering early […]

Want to get involved or give back?

(1) Join a Board or Commission. I’ve made the plug before, but this really is a great way to dip your toes in local government and share your passion or expertise in a low time commitment, yet impactful way. Even if there is no current vacancy in the B&C you’re interested in, all meetings are […]

Updates from Letty – Thoughts on the Week

I was planning to take the week off from blog posts with no City Council meeting. But as I have been processing the results of the most consequential national election of my lifetime, I wanted to use my weekly outreach to share what’s on my mind, how I’m choosing to […]

Updates from Letty – November 4, 2016

This week’s update will be shorter than the past few editions – part news and part PSA as we all gear up for Election Day next week. The update section will be of interest to those following the GMHS/MEH campus project. We have no regular City Council meetings scheduled next week, […]