Updates from Letty – December 14, 2018

Before you break for the holidays, read on about our votes on gun control, budget guidance, capital projects, and the Fellows property from our last City Council meeting of 2018 (#notaboringmeeting). As I reflect on the type of work we’re undertaking – a new high school paired with the largest development project […]

Updates from Letty – December 7, 2018

‘Tis the season to kick off the FY20 budget! While there are probably merrier things to do this time of year, our annual joint work session with the School Board sets in motion one of the most important parts of our jobs – the city budget. This week, we jointly […]

Updates from Letty – November 30, 2018

For early risers out there, you can join me at this morning’s Campus Coordinating Committee (CCC) Meeting at 730 am at the School Board offices. The top ranked developer team we chose last week will present the conceptual plans to this cross functional group, which has been meeting monthly to coordinate the […]

Updates from Letty – November 21, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving – an earlier post this week due to the holiday. In case you haven’t heard, we announced the EYA/PN Hoffman/Regency team as our top ranked developer for the 10 acre West Falls Church Economic Development project on Monday night. This is an exciting milestone in the long journey […]

Updates from Letty – November 16, 2018

I probably say this every week, but we had a busy and interesting agenda this week – really! From walkability to the return of the 3T bus line to financials to the evolving demographics of the city, there’s something for everyone. And, we continued to deliberate and discuss the proposals for the 10 […]

Updates from Letty – November 9, 2018

And with that, it’s November! We have five remaining meetings in 2018, and they will be important ones. After hearing the recommendation from the evaluation committee this week for the top ranked developer for the West Falls Church 10 acre project, we expect to make a decision in the coming weeks. […]

Updates from Letty – October 26, 2018

For early birds out there and those interested in staying updated on the new high school and 10 acre projects, the monthly Campus Coordinating Committee is meeting this morning at 730 am, School Board offices. For everyone else just waking up – this will be a short and sweet post with the […]

Updates from Letty – October 19, 2018

For folks interested in parks and transportation/walkability projects around town, you should pay attention to the City Council work session we had this week. Our main discussion focused on the the renovation of Big Chimneys Park, which has been long discussed for a revamp, and the project’s budget shortfall. Walkability […]

Updates from Letty – October 12, 20178 + new FAQs

New FAQs this week! Our regular meeting covered many of the same items we discussed in previous work sessions, so in lieu of a heavy meeting recap, I’ve written new FAQs as promised. This wasn’t on our agenda, but we heard a lot of public comment this week about speeding issues […]

Updates from Letty – October 5, 2018

As we head into the long weekend, remember most city offices are closed on Monday in honor of Indigenous People’s Day (and Columbus Day). If you’re cleaning out closets and getting ready for fall, whenever it may come, consider taking your items to support a donation drive to benefit the Pine […]

Updates from Letty – September 28, 2018

This has been a tough week. For anyone who would like support in dealing with trauma, The Virginia Family Violence and Sexual Assault Hotline is available 24/7. Call: 1800-838-8238 or Text: 804-793-9999. In Falls Church happenings, we had a joint dinner with the School Board this week, but no official […]

Updates from Letty – September 21, 2018

Our work session this week was dedicated to the year end financial report of the city. We are now in the longest expansion period ever, so most experts believe we are due for a recession. As such, I think local metrics are good leading indicators of the broader economy […]