Updates from Letty – April 27, 2018

This week’s update will be short and sweet. Two things: (1) If you haven’t heard by now, the FY19 budget process is done. Whew. The headline says it was a 7-0 vote, but I encourage you to read beyond the headlines. Starting July 1, the real estate tax rate will increase […]

My comments from FY19 Budget Vote – April 23, 2018

There are a lot of good things to acknowledge about this year’s budget, and I don’t think we take enough stock to recognize how fortunate we are as a community, compared to even our peers in the region, much of Virginia, and the country. I’ve got 5 things I think have been good and 5 that I think we could have done better: Starting with the good – 1) If the full budget passes as […]

Updates from Letty – April 13, 2018 + FAQs

City Council made several important decisions this week – we voted unanimously 6-0 for the Broad and Washington project and authorized the issuance of $24M worth of bonds for myriad of projects, including the final amount for the Mt. Daniel expansion, architecture and engineering for the library expansion, and tranche 1 of […]

Updates from Letty – April 6, 2017

I’m taking a brief departure from “all budget, all the time” in this week’s update. While we spent 4 hours in work session this week – mostly on the general government budget – after writing this week’s FCNP commentary and an interview about affordable housing, I’ll leave you with those […]