Updates from Letty – June 22, 2018

After the big meeting we had last week, City Council is heading into a quiet(er) part of the summer. We have one last meeting next week before we take a brief summer break; our summer schedule is below. Before you tune out, make note on your calendar: Founders Row (formerly Mason […]

Updates from Letty – June 15, 2018

This week, we had one of the most momentous meetings in awhile, likely since the FY19 budget vote in the spring. For those following the Founders Row development project, we passed it at a (new) first reading. Read on to understand what this means and what happens next, especially if […]

Updates from Letty – June 8, 2018

I hope everyone had a good holiday and start of summer last week, and recovering from a great CAPS win last night! We’re also starting the summer off with a bang, with several big votes coming up next Monday night: the downselect recommendation for 6 proposals received for the 10 acre West Falls […]