Updates from Letty – October 26, 2018

For early birds out there and those interested in staying updated on the new high school and 10 acre projects, the monthly Campus Coordinating Committee is meeting this morning at 730 am, School Board offices. For everyone else just waking up – this will be a short and sweet post with the […]

Updates from Letty – October 19, 2018

For folks interested in parks and transportation/walkability projects around town, you should pay attention to the City Council work session we had this week. Our main discussion focused on the the renovation of Big Chimneys Park, which has been long discussed for a revamp, and the project’s budget shortfall. Walkability […]

Updates from Letty – October 5, 2018

As we head into the long weekend, remember most city offices are closed on Monday in honor of Indigenous People’s Day (and Columbus Day). If you’re cleaning out closets and getting ready for fall, whenever it may come, consider taking your items to support a donation drive to benefit the Pine […]