Updates from Letty – March 22, 2019

March Madness has begun, and we’ve got a different kind of March madness underway locally. Aside from the annual budget (see last week’s post), we’re in 7 week sprint towards votes on a comprehensive agreement, a 99 year ground lease, and a conceptual plan for the 10 acre West Falls Church project in May. We made a commitment to citizens is that we would not issue any construction bonds for the high school until we ink a […]

Updates from Letty – March 15, 2019 – budget edition #1

Maybe the the proverb should be “fourth time’s a charm”? As anticipated, the start of this budget cycle (my fourth!) has been pleasant, a marked departure from previous years. The confluence of multiple factors (adherence to budget guidance + higher forecasted revenues + lower school enrollment + the spirit of “we’re all […]

Updates from Letty – March 8, 2019

Whew, what a week! This has definitely been one of those weeks reaffirming my belief in the importance and wide impact of local government. In work session, our topics were meaningful and weighty, spanning all parts of our everyday lives: the next round of the demographics study, exotic animal laws (find out if you have an illegal […]

Updates from Letty – March 1, 2019

Happy snow (slush) day! Hopefully that is the last time we say that this year. If you, too, have an extra two hours this morning – settle down with another cup of coffee and this week’s update for a few minutes. Three quick highlights and takeaways: 1) Without much fanfare, your […]