FCCPS Student Ratios per Dwelling Unit, 2020-11-24

Updates from Letty – December 11, 2020

After this week’s school renaming decision that has left some proud and some disappointed, I’ll offer an observation that comforted me and may help unify our divided community. As I listened and read the many thoughtful perspectives, I noticed that except for a few outliers, most people believe that we have […]

Updates from Letty – November 25, 2020

With the approaching holiday, my update is hitting your inboxes early and will be short and sweet. We did cover important business, so I hope you take a few minutes to read and take action in between your modified holiday plans. We received a briefing from the health department on COVID-19, an […]

Updates from Letty – November 20, 2020

It’s hard to ignore the weighty topic of the moment is our community debate over school renaming. I have deliberately kept the topic out of my posts until now. There is so much passion, pain, and division over the decision, exacerbated by the results of the survey that was shared this week […]

Updates from Letty – November 13, 2020

Since my last post in October and what has felt like the longest weeks ever – our community successfully pulled off a pandemic Halloween, led the state with a high voter turnout of 82.5% on November 3rd, and returned another phase of kids to hybrid learning in school this week. […]

Updates from Letty – October 30, 2020

We’re in the home stretch. Your final opportunities to vote early are today and tomorrow. (If you still have a mail-in ballot to return, use the drop box outside of City Hall.) We currently lead the state with the highest turnout at 65%. Be like this civic-minded Daisy Troop and […]

Updates from Letty – October 23, 2020

Today is the last day to request a mail-in absentee ballot. (Over half of Falls Church has already voted!) If you plan to vote early before November 3rd, your best bet is to take advantage of the in-person voting option at City Hall, open weekdays and the next two Saturdays. Speaking […]

Updates from Letty & New FAQs – October 16, 2020

After much deliberation over the past month, we voted to refer the Broad and Washington (aka Whole Foods) project out to boards and commissions, with a 5-0 unanimous vote. Typically, unanimous votes imply that a decision was straightforward, but this was not the case (as evident by the volume of calls […]

Updates from Letty – October 9, 2020

This week’s City Council work session was a potpourri of civic business, something for everyone: Year end financial results, with the obvious punchline that many revenues in the 4th quarter of FY20 were severely impacted by COVID…with one exception; Two of the top community priorities – traffic calming and stormwater […]

Updates from Letty – September 25, 2020

One week into early voting and 40 days before November 3rd – we already have over 14% turnout in Falls Church! A plea from the registrar: if you requested a mail in ballot, please vote using that ballot (and return by USPS or the drop box outside City Hall). It’s […]

Updates from Letty – September 18, 2020

In person early voting starts today! Before you rush to City Hall, know that voting is open on weekdays and also a few Saturdays in October leading up to Election Day (check city website for details). And if you requested a mail in ballot, those were mailed this week and […]

Updates from Letty – September 11, 2020

After a few weeks away during our summer recess, City Council is back in the saddle. We resumed with a lengthy work session, covering topics across the city – from the Broad & Washington project to West Falls on the other end, car decals, and next steps for racial equity. […]

Updates from Letty – July 31, 2020

In a season of too many losses already, the passing of our friend and colleague Dan Sze this week has been especially tough. Even though we can’t gather to mourn the loss, we will continue to reflect on his contributions to our community and keep his family in your thoughts. […]