Excerpt from a house deed located in the City of Falls Church

Updates from Letty – June 26, 2020

You’ve marched, donated, signed petitions, ordered new books. Now what? If your social media feeds and neighborhood chatter are like mine, the cynical part of me worries that this activism is already fading. Easy wins like new band-aid colors and bringing down monuments by themselves are hollow. How will you […]

Updates from Letty – June 19, 2020

Today is Juneteenth, the first observance of the holiday in Virginia and the City of Falls Church. As more become more aware of Juneteenth, it’s important to learn about its significance (my kids will watch this read-aloud after breakfast). Juneteenth is not the day that enslaved people were freed or the […]

Updates from Letty – June 12, 2020

After a week of amazing turnouts for racial justice, I am proud to see our community so loudly stand on the right side of history. Falls Church is now one of the first cities in the region to have accepted President Obama’s pledge on police reform. Chief Gavin is an exceptional, humble […]

Updates from Letty – June 4, 2020

With no City Council meeting this week, I debated taking a week off to use this platform judiciously to let other voices be heard. Like the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve been paralyzed by the enormity of the job ahead. There is much to learn and many worthy causes to […]