Updates from Letty – January 29, 2021

Two big topics this week: vaccines and the Broad and Washington project. I am fielding a lot of questions about vaccines; I share your frustration and have been trying to seek answers too. We had a representative from the Fairfax Health Department in our meeting this week, and there are […]

Updates from Letty – January 22, 2021

After this week’s historic moments and collective sigh of relief, I know there is still some anxiety around, especially over the prospects of vaccinations to finally end COVID-19. Thanks for all the good questions about vaccines from my post last week. We are continuing to advocate for our residents, and […]

Updates from Letty – January 15, 2021

After a dark start to 2021, this week’s post will be more uplifting. I’ll share the latest good news on vaccines, an event that is a bright spot for me every year, and regular City Council business. First, vaccines: I’ve been fielding a lot of questions. I know we’re all […]

Updates from Letty – January 8, 2021

Happy new year, friends – While I’ve been privately metering my expectations for 2021, I had hoped my first post of the year would start on a more positive note. Before getting to city business – which there is much to share (the latest on COVID, vaccinations, changes to the West Falls […]