Updates from Letty – February 25, 2022

With chaos at home and abroad, I am grateful that this is usually the quieter lull of the year for the City Council. The School Board adopted their budget this week and City staff have been putting together the general government budget, which means we’re about a month out from […]

Updates from Letty – February 18, 2022

This week’s post will be short and sweet. (We had a two hour meeting, which is short by our standards.) Besides the affordable housing grants discussed last week, we also received an annual report from the CACT, our volunteer board on all things transportation. This is a good time to […]

Updates from Letty – February 11, 2022

Our work session this week was largely focused on exciting affordable housing initiatives on the horizon. We have been making remarkable progress in affordable housing in recent years and with the city successfully winning two rounds of Amazon grants totaling over $7M, we’ll be able to fund new priorities like […]