Updates from Letty – April 21, 2022

You may notice that this week’s post is about 12 hours earlier than usual – I’m hitting your inboxes early as a reminder to tune into the final budget town hall tonight (Thursday) at 7 pm. We’re also happy to hear from you via email or during public comment at […]

Updates from Letty – April 8, 2022

We are in the busy season now – a long work session this week and the first of two votes on the budget is scheduled for Monday. For those who are new to budget season in Falls Church – we take two votes on the budget. The first vote is […]

Updates from Letty – April 1, 2022

We had a big meeting this week with two headlines: we kicked off budget season (8.5 cent tax rate reduction proposed) and Founders Row 2 was up for a final vote (5-2 vote to proceed). And today, the new 5ยข plastic tax goes into effect at grocery stores, convenience stores, […]