Why I’m Running (Again)

“Miles to go before I sleep…” – Robert Frost

As an introvert and mother of young kids, this is the last job I’d ever thought I’d do. And nearly 4 years in, the decision to seek re-election was more difficult this time – especially knowing what I know now!

On the other hand, I can see the impact of our Monday night decisions and progress of the past 4 years​,​ which has been fulfilling and luckily, sustaining for those late nights when I miss bedtime with my kids. 4 years ago, we were nowhere close to a path forward for the high school. 4 years ago, I had not yet cast my vote to proceed with Founders Row. 4 years ago, we didn’t yet have a more restrictive gun ordinance, bikeshare, pedestrian improvements, a​n expanded Mt. Daniel, new restaurants, downtown tree lights, new public parking spaces, a Miller House, curbside composting, new parks, pinwheel gardens, expanded senior tax relief, a Pride Flag flying outside of City Hall, recognition of Indigenous People’s Day or Hispanic Heritage Month…

I am proud to have had a hand in each of these results, helping make Falls Church an even better place to live, work, and raise a family.


Yet, as I think about this community where in-laws are retiring, my children are growing up and hopefully able to return as we did – we have more work ahead to truly be a community for all in the future.

From affordability that will match the inclusive, welcoming values we espouse; traffic calming, walkability, parking, and new modes of transportation so we have a safe, accessible city for everyone; environment and stormwater management so we leave our community more resilient for future generations; smart economic development and a vibrant downtown so we continue to bring more options for residents, destinations for visitors, and revenue to fund our top tier schools, parks, and other amenities that make Falls Church a special place to live.

All the while, we need to continue steering the City through an unprecedented amount of new capital infrastructure with a new high school on the horizon and keep a tight rein on our operating budgets.

So with that road ahead, I am seeking re-election to continue building on our progress towards a bright future. I hope to keep bringing my experience and the rigorous and balanced decision-making, diligence, strong communication, and transparency to the job I promised 4 years ago. I remain committed to being a citizen first, not a politician.